Body Glow Pilates

with Louise

Welcome to Body Glow Pilates, join Louise on the mat to feel stronger, longer, and leaner, whilst relieving physical and mental tension, you’ll walk out feeling 2 inches taller with a feeling of positivity and strength.

Our Classes are designed for all levels, they are low impact, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard, the mental and physical transformation will be so worth it.


Benefits of Pilates

  • Improve mind and body awareness
  • Build a strong core
  • Improve flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Posture

  • Ease aches and tension
  • Prevent future injuries
  • Tone your muscles
  • Help you lose weight
  • Make you feel more mindful and happier


    Louise runs a variety of classes from 1 to 1
    tuition to Pre and Postnatal pilates.


    Giving birth to my son, honestly kind of wreaked havoc on my core strength, I felt weak and disconnected to my body, luckily Pilates safely helped me regain the strength I had lost, I felt amazing, and so much happier physically and mentally.

    I was so extremely passionate about my transformation, I then officially trained with the renowned Body Control Pilates in London, gaining my level 3 mat, and pre- and post-natal certifications, I’m also a full member of the Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA).

    I honestly used to believe that high impact exercise was the only way to get true results, but now I know that there is another way,

    "Louise makes the work challenging, but fun"

    “As someone who used to play professional football my body was left prone to certain injuries, so sadly I had to stop playing, and now from spending hours sitting at a desk the injuries got worse. Since working with Louise, I have been able to start playing football again injury free, and can feel improvements in my posture. For any guy that can relate to this, just give it a go! Louise makes the work challenging, but fun!”


    "Excellent Instructor"

    “Louise’s teaching is well structured and focused on the whole body. She brings warmth, kindness and enthusiasm to her classes.”


    "I highly recommend Louise"

    “Louise is an excellent Pilates instructor – fun, helpful and easy to follow regardless of your standard. I highly recommend her!”


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