Essentials Course – Mixed Ability

Semi Private course (Max x3 spots)

6 week course starts 4th June April – (If sold out – email to be added to wait list or to discuss additional availability)

The Pilates Essentials 50 minute classes are your everyday go-to Pilates flow. Perfect for all levels, this class is designed to lengthen, align, strengthen and sculpt. We take time in these classes to focus on technique, breathing and centring. You’ll leave glowing, feeling connected within your body and relaxed within your mind.

Classes are sold as a course * Once you’ve booked the course no refunds or transfers can be offered for any missed classes during the course, however you could offer your class to a friend (health form required BEFORE class) 

All Equipment is provided.

Schedule & Location

6 week semi – private course starts Tuesday 4th June

(Only x3 people in a class)!

6:30pm and 7:30pm time options



Email to be added to wait list if sold out.



5 week course – £84

6 week course – £100

Mumma & Bubba Pilates 

(Babies from 6 weeks to actively crawling)

Limited numbers in class at x12


6 – week course starts 4th June  – Tunbridge Wells – 11am & 12:15pm (Last few spots remaining)

Please get in touch to be added to the wait-list if sold out!

NEXT 12:15pm 6 week course (Starts 4th June) 


5-week course starting 7th June (Last couple of spots remaining)

If course sold out please get in touch to be added to the waitlist

We will carefully work to develop your core, regain your strength, improve posture and muscle tone. Bring your baby, no need to worry about childcare or about trying to fit 'you' time into your baby's busy and demanding schedule, however if you would prefer to come along without your bubba that’s fine too.
Louise wanted to create a warm and friendly space to enable mums to work on themselves, whilst offering an alternative to a baby focused class. It is a very relaxed environment so if you need to tend to your baby in any way during the class this is absolutely fine!

Babies are welcome from 6 weeks* until they are actively crawling.
*Please note that the recommendation for commencing general exercise post caesarean section is to wait 10-12 weeks, however if you feel ready from 8 weeks and your GP has approved you for exercise sooner then you are welcome to join and Postnatal Pilates is the ideal rehabilitation.

Classes are sold as a course.

*Once you've booked the course no refunds or transfers can be offered for any missed classes during the course, however you could offer your class to another Mum friend (health form required BEFORE class) 

All Equipment is provided.

Benefits to post-natal Pilates
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles weakened by pregnancy
  • Help repair diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • Build core strength and help regain your pre baby shape
  • Relieve backache and help with aches associated with feeding
  • All over body toning and strengthening - improving appearance, self confidence
  • Mobilise the spine after pregnancy restrictions
  • Improved posture making you look taller and leaner
  • Endorphins released make you feel happier
  • Meet other local New Mums
Schedule & Location

Tuesdays  (Tunbridge Wells)

11:00am & 12:15pm at Oakley Fitness, Vale Royal Methodist Church, Vale Rd, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1BF

Fridays  (Crowborough)

11am at Tranquility Yoga, Barnsgate Manor, Herons Ghyll, East Sussex, TN22 4DB


5 week courses - 5 hours - £70

6 week courses - 6 hours - £85


Mumma To Be Pregnancy Pilates

Semi - Private Course (Max x3 spots)

Next 6 week course starts June 3rd, classes are 1 hour.

(Current course sold out, please email to be added to the waitlist)

2nd & 3rd trimesters.

If pregnant, connect to your body and your baby, supporting you and your bump, helping you to feel stronger and more prepared for delivery, and your post-natal recovery, whilst also meeting other Mummas to be in the area!

Suitable from 14 weeks with medical clearance from your GP / Midwife.

If in postnatal recovery safely regain your strength, improve your posture and muscle tone.

Must have medical clearance at your 6 week check from your GP / Midwife, if post c - section you must wait 10-12 weeks, unless you feel ready from 8 weeks and have had medical clearance to exercise.

These classes run in blocks of 5 or 6.

Classes are sold as a course

*Once you've booked the course no refunds or transfers can be offered for any missed classes during the course, however you could offer your class to a friend (health form required BEFORE class) 

All Equipment is provided.

Benefits of Prenatal Pilates

- Helps to build strength in the stomach, back and pelvic floor
- Helps reduce back pain
- Helps increase general fitness
- Help support postnatal recovery
- Improves posture
- Can help to reduce Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)
- Helps maintain pelvic floor strength
- Helps boost circulation
- Improves energy levels
- Improves sleep
- Reduces stress

Schedule & Location

7:15pm Thursday Evenings.

Elsanta Close, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 3YR


5 week courses - £90

6 week courses - £108

(If unable to make a class, you are welcome to offer it to a friend, however relevant health would need to be filled out proir)


Pilates Tuition - Private or Duet Sessions

We also offer private sessions 1:1 or 2:1 to enquire please get in touch. Highly recommended if you're new to Pilates, we can go over the fundamentals before entering a group class, also ideal if you are recovering from an injury / persistent pain. 

Packages available to purchase to save!



Single = £50

x5 Pack = £225 (£45 per session)

x10 Pack = £400 (£40 per session)


Single = £66 (£33 pp per session)

x5 Pack = £300 (£30 pp per session)

x10 Pack = £500 (£25 pp per session)

Location: Home Studio in Knightswood Estate, Tunbridge Wells (Exact address provided upon booking)

"Absolutely love these classes!"

Absolutely love these classes! Having not been to an in person class since pre Covid and having a baby, I was a little apprehensive about starting again, but I needn’t have worried. Louise is fun, professional and super knowledgeable, and is hands on with little adjustments to make sure you’re getting the most out of the class. There are lots of functional movement aspects, which I really appreciate (as who doesn’t want to move better) as well as strength and toning. I feel very lucky to have found such a quality teacher, and really look forward to the classes 😊 - KATE

"If you're thinking about Pilates choose Louise!"

If you are thinking about Pilates, choose Louise! Louise is an excellent teacher, her knowledge and expertise shine throughout her classes. She is also kind and caring and gives time to everyone to meet their individual needs. Her classes are challenging but Louise also includes fun and relaxation. Absolutely perfect! - ALISON

"Louise makes the work challenging, but fun"

As someone who used to play professional football my body was left prone to certain injuries, so sadly I had to stop playing, and now from spending hours sitting at a desk the injuries got worse. Since working with Louise, I have been able to start playing football again injury free, and can feel improvements in my posture. For any guy that can relate to this, just give it a go! Louise makes the work challenging, but fun!"